Study Abroad


Friday evening we took an overnight bus to Dresden. While the overall experience of this bus was pretty terrible (1.5 hours late, very crowded, surprise police check at 4 am..) it was completely worth it for what we saw in Dresden.


My absolute favorite current French singer-songwriter is ZAZ. In the most lovely way possible, she combines a classic French sound with her jazzy style, acoustic melodies, and lively dancing. Singing along with her songs has helped me practice my French ever since I discovered her several years ago.


I didn't think it would be possible to like her more, but seeing her performance in Dresden proved me wrong. She was extremely charismatic, goofy, and passionate on stage. It was clear she cared about her lyrics deeply as she paused to tell short stories before many of the songs. She ran around the stage singing beautifully as well as making sure the rest of her musicians and the audience was having a great time. I hope I have the privilege of seeing her again in my lifetime.

Julia Ainbinder