Study Abroad


This Fall, I will be studying design and Italian at Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy. I look forward to practicing design in a new environment, learning another language, and living in a different culture. Since my program only begins on September 6th, I decided to take advantage of my free time and travel for a month beforehand. My mom and I will start in Moscow on July 25th and work our way over to Florence, meeting up with my dad along the way in Lisbon. 

I plan on keeping this blog updated throughout my time abroad, but it will be a bit more difficult in August as I won't have a laptop. It'll probably just consist of iPhone photos and short stories.

I'll be available via text (usually) or anything that requires wifi (Facebook, email, Whatsapp). If you wish to send me a letter / anything small from Sept. 6 - Dec. 18, send it to the following address and I promise I'll write you a postcard back!

Julia Ainbinder
Accademia Italiana
Piazza Pitti 15
Florence, Italy, 50125

Thanks for reading!

Julia Ainbinder