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How to Pack (Lightly) for 1 Month

Everything packed away (excluding my travel outfit and passport)!

Before arriving at my university in Florence, I'll be traveling with my mom from July 25th-September 6th. We'll be visiting a lot of cities, so we decided it would be best to pack as lightly as possible. Some of our flights have fees for anything more than a carry-on, and we just didn't want to deal with that. Therefore, we will be bringing one backpack each. Mine weighs 11 pounds. 

But seriously, how did it fit?

Roll everything. Most of what I'm bringing is light clothing that can easily be condensed to the size of a burrito. I'll be living in dresses throughout the month as they are the most efficient use of space. One article of clothing per outfit not only reduces time spent deciding what to wear, but takes up much less space. So, 1 burrito = 1 outfit. 

Here, you can see the bottom layer of my backpack. With such a small space, I can still fit 6 outfits. 

Packing Tips

  • Bring items that can be used in multiple ways (ex: my scarf can be used for warmth, a cute accessory, or a cover-up in religious areas)
  • Try on everything before packing it. Make sure you will really wear something multiple times. If you'll only maybe put it on once, it's not worth it
  • Be okay with washing and re-wearing outfits throughout your trip- it's more about the experience and not what you look like, after all
  • Choose things that are lightweight and can be condensed to a small size
  • Pack a canvas tote to use for any overflow throughout the trip (ex: I'll be using it for things like my sweater and food on the plane/train. Bonus- this doubles as another purse option or beach bag)
  • Don't worry about your things as much as enjoying your trip! 
Julia Ainbinder