A travel backpack that deters thieves and increases safety by alerting users of their surroundings


Seeing the world is exhilarating, relaxing, eye-opening, and enlightening. I prefer to travel solo, but after a couple of unsettling experiences, I developed an unnecessary level of paranoia. We should always be aware of our surroundings, but frequently feeling anxious when trying to explore a new place is too much. 

Carrying your bag on your chest or constantly glancing behind yourself is a bandaid solution. It interferes with the experience. I set out to design a product that would reduce stress regarding personal safety through increased awareness and on-demand protection. 



SafePack Assembly 2018.jpg

Through MOD, a hidden camera signals an image processor to set off vibration motors in the straps when somebody is approaching from behind. It can be set to vibrate for people within 4 meters, 1 meter, or shut off when unnecessary. The left strap contains a 120 decibel alarm. There are no visible zippers, a deterrent to thieves, and it can only be opened when taken off. A hidden zipper is a light solution to the problem, but the additional smart capabilities are what make this bag a serious safety improvement.  

Alternative color options

Alternative color options