Wooden Products

Maple Utensils


Check out the process here

Golf Egg Holder
This quirky breakfast plate is designed to mimic a user's golf movements during their egg-eating interaction. The "tee" is detachable and is meant to be set into the "landscape". The cup holds standard large eggs or smaller, which, with their white color and round shape, look like golf balls. The larger hole on the "landscape" is meant to depict a hole on the golf course. One can use it for top shell pieces, and later the bottom shell, which then creates the image as if they've made their "ball" into the "hole".  

Check out the process here

Walnut Statement Necklace
A unique gift for my mom's birthday— made using the bandsaw, drill press, sandpaper, and thread. 

Succulent Planter
The top is lined with foil to protect the wood from moisture. The bottom piece is a detachable plate with space to catch water from the drainage holes. 

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Julia Ainbinder