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Commencement table

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Check out the entire build process here. 


Lounge Chair 

Beginning in 1919, the Bauhaus movement proposed a vision for bridging the gap between art and industry. Teaching “truth to materials,” the movement calls for materials to be used in their most honest form. Inspired by the movement, the Lounge Chair proudly exposes its hardware. Built of walnut and maple with fabric cushioning, its angled pose welcomes individuals to take a long relaxing seat. 


The chair is made to knockdown and easily assemble in just minutes.

Check out the entire build process here


Table for Two


Cooking is a lovely outlet for creativity in times of stress, or simply hunger. Being able to feed oneself becomes increasingly more important as people move into different stages of their lives. Table for Two invites friends to create meals together in a playful yet highly functional manner. Built entirely of maple, the table permits cutting to take place directly on its top, and wheels allow for effortless movement around the house. Towels and handcrafted utensils are comfortably placed, and ready to get messy.  


See more on the handcrafted utensils here

Like the chair, this table is also made to knockdown and easily assemble in no time. 

Check out the entire build process here

Julia Ainbinder