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Wooden Stool

Update: see the finished project here

The last month of this quarter was spent working on my first project utilizing most of the machines in the wood shop. While I will soon post this project under the "Product" section of this site, I wanted to show a quick overview of the process here. 

The project guidelines were: create a dynamic five board stool using only 90 degree angles that will function as a seat, a foot rest, and a step stool in different orientations.

The materials given were: two poplar boards sized 11"x60"x1" and 15"x25"x1"

The tools/machines used were: chop saw, jointer, planer, table saw, band saw, router, chisel, power sander, sanding block, and drill press. 

I began by sketching and making 1/4 scale foam models of different ideas. 

After some time, I settled on a concept and modeled it full scale. 

Some production process. 

Quick photos of the final product and its uses.

Julia Ainbinder